Sunday, March 21, 2010


Graphite on Journal

I have been working in my garden getting ready for the growing season. I have pruned for weeks now and still have not finished and the weeds are everywhere. I really don't mind weeding it just is never ending. I consider my yardening activity just like go to my local gym. I work in the garden for a few hours a day normally but during this part of the year the time is much more because there is so much prep in veggie gardening and getting those roses and fruit trees under control. My sketch for today is the sketch I work on when I just need to sit for a while to rest, hydrate and enjoy the wonderfully fertile soil that is now visible because I have pulled all those weeds out.


ALeks said...

It sounds like lot of fun too,am I right? Look where and what did simple weeding brought you,another jewel to share with us,thank you! And I hope you are not overdoing it,I mean garden.Lovely post Pat.
Hugs and smiles.

cabap said...

I agree Aleks Pat,
jan :)