Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brea Hills

Brea Hills
Graphite on journal

The snow is still visible from the trail that Ivy and I enjoy and so I took the time today to sketch the view. I notice the view is changing because a housing development has claimed the crest of one of these slopes. If they would have just dropped the houses down below the top of the hill there would still have been a view and would not have ruined the visual impact of these hills. Ah money, that's what its all about. If a community sets its standards around money I find esthetics suffers.


Annaquarel.les said...

Wild land especulation has destroyed most of the Spanish coast over the years and now most second homes remain empty because people cannot afford to buy them.
Whenever I see a beautiful spot disappear, it makes me really sad because it is part of our heritage.
This is a lovely sketch of Brea Hills, Pat. You can draw so beautifully. Hugs

bh yoo said...

While traveling Europe I saw the snow in mountain in April though. I am enjoying your landscape and beautiful flowers always.