Sunday, August 9, 2009

Geranium Society

Our Geranium club met yesterday and the speaker spoke long enough for me to do this rendered sketch of an un-named, as of yet, Ivy Pelargonium. I, of course, brought home more plants and will need to put them in the ground soon. I have been cleaning up the veggie garden as the heat does in some of the cool loving plants and have enough land to plant a few flowering plants. I picked up more scented plants with nutmeg, lime and apple scented leaves that will work nicely in flower arrangements for those winter weddings or if they are slow growing June weddings.
It’s fun to hang with like minded fellow gardeners. After the meeting I visited my friend Clair’s garden and marveled at her clean, well maintained gardening process. Mine is more of a, “I can’t remember the name but it smells (tastes, looks, etc) good, doesn’t it?”, kind of gardening. If it grows it stays and if it dies it gets replaced. I have cantaloupe melons growing right now that came from the worm box. The seeds just came up so I planted them next to my front door and have been watching them take over the pathway making melons since March, I think. We will see if they are any good.


Lin said...

Pat -- this is so exquisite! The shading, perspective -- so wonderful .....!! I LOVE the way you've done this!

Leks said...

Hi,love the story and your drawing and the wet nose of Ivy :O).
I see you have been busy on your blog too,looks great.Hope you are Ok,love Sandra

DEB said...

What a beautiful sketch Pat! I didn't know there were plant - specific clubs. I think I'll have to search out a tomato club. I love them, and for the life of me, they will not grow for me. My neighbors have huge, boastful bushes. Not me! LOL!

Cathy Gatland said...

A beautiful drawing Pat - we have quite a few varieties of pelargonium that are indigenous to South Africa. I got a slip of the nutmeg one from a friend's garden, and also a lovely rose-scented one - you've reminded me to plant them out! (I'm of the same school as you - whatever grows is welcome, what doesn't - too bad)