Friday, August 7, 2009


I walked this morning in the same area I always walk and painted the same trees I always paint, but I left out the houses this time. I have been painting this stand of trees for years but it always looks different. This little tree is young yet. Maybe 15 years old, I can't remember when it was planted. After the children were out of the house but before my mother died. That is the way I remember things now. Let’s see, before the knee surgery after the first grandchild was born. I don't seem to remember dates at all, or your birthday or when we met. That gives me the advantage of buying a gift at anytime of the year just because it is something I know would be just what you need.

I have finally purchased a pedometer. I have been trying to use one that is not very accurate. So now I will start keeping track of the steps I take. It also keeps track of heart rate, but doesn’t do dishes. Oh well. I guess I can’t have everything.


Leks said...

You make me laugh again,you lovely you!! :O) You see now what I was talking about yours and only your way of making moment notes in beautiful settings,colors and shapes.I think the techniek you used on this one is not that easy to do,I know I can not!!Anyhoo,take care of yourself,step on,and make more brilliant paintings.Im still not sleeping,it is warm and im an cybermaniac, :O)
Ill go now,I think. Bye,bye, Sandra

DEB said...

You're funny! I love your painting...I just got a pedometer too. It says I am walking TOO much! :)

cabap said...

good job Pat,
jan :)

Cathy said...

This watercolour is terrific! The colours are wonderful, and it looks loose and relaxed!