Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello everyone.
I haven't posted in a while but I continue to sketch and walk daily. I noticed that many of you have taken a step back from your computers for the summer also. Just why I don't have the time to post daily is a baffled to me but I keep thinking that I will get my life back soon and be doing just what I want to do. Paint and sketch, Paint and sketch and then Paint and sketch some more. Here is some of my work from the last week.
Have a great weekend.

I found this Giant Bird of Paradise plant to sketch while waiting for someone to get out of the doctor's office. Finally it wasn't me in there. She was getting a Colonoscopy. This is such an important test for anyone over 50. The test showed no cancer or polyps or anything bad. Next test will be in 5 years for her. What better reason to have the test then to prove that your health is good.
Bird of Paradise graphite on paper

These ducks were so interested in what I was doing. I had walked around Balboa Island, sketched a in a few different places and found that they had followed me the last few drawings. Do you think it might have been the sandwich I was sharing?
Mallards graphite on paper
I have been working in my garden in the early morning because of the heat of the day. My first pumpkin has grown and turned orange now but this one is the smaller one and is still yellow. The same color as the blossoms. I have been using these leaves for the cement leaf workshops I have been having. Great fun and so easy to do. I am going to be making many birds very happy with all the bird baths that are being made.
Pumpkins with Blossoms watercolor on paper

tomatoes graphite on paper
I have been harvesting tomatoes twice a week and the crop is enough for a few families. Composting and worm composting really works.

This is my Sketchercise sketch for this morning. This is on a hill in Fullerton looking toward Knott's Berry Farm amusement park. The morning was a little hazy today, over cast because of the marine layer coming in from the beach. It cools the air, keeping the heat down. Today it was only 83 degrees and that is bearable. OK, have I mentioned that I don't like the heat?


Lin said...

PAT! These are wonderful!!!!!!!!!1 My pencil sketches NEVER look like anything so polisheD!!!! I LOVE your flowers, the hill, the tomatoes --- wonderful job -- and congrats on all the walking!

dominique eichi said...

Wow,you have been doing a lot of sketching and you posted a whole bunch at the same time. Most people same them to post one at the time. You bird of paradise is beautiful and I like the composition of your landscape/exercise one. That yellow pumpkin is great too. Thanks for stopping by my place. Are you going to do the SF street ?

Gary Keimig said...

wonderful blog and some great art work.
God bless and happy painting

Robyn said...

Pat, it's no wonder your garden grows so well, one only has to look at these beautiful drawings and paintings to see you have a special affinity with plants.

Wonderful strong values in your Bird of Paradise and beautiful detail. I love your confident style with both brush and pencil.

Cathy said...

you again! These graphite sketches are stunning!!!!! You've been working like hell!!

bh yoo said...

The variety of the subjects you draw gives a lot of pleasure to visit your blogs. Love all and the pumpkin watercolor work especially.

Claire M said...

So fun to hear about what you have been up to. I love your sketches! I can relate to your thoughts about not getting as much sketching/painting done in the summer as before. Just too many things I want to do!!

cardesin said...

The've worked ..... and beautiful pictures ...... impressive!