Friday, May 1, 2009

Spiritual Art Award

I have found that this blog has opened my heart and soul to artists all over the world. When I started this blog I prepared myself to face criticism, judgment, competition and failure. What I received instead was love, companionship, acceptance, praise and support. Gemma Mortlock over at Sandy Floorboards is one of those people who have embraced me with friendship and support. For example she has presented me with the Spiritual Art Award. Thanks Gem, you are so sweet to think of me. It did brighten my day and I am smiling.

When I visit Sandy Floorboards I always come away with the knowledge that Gemma’s art, poems and stories will fill up my half empty cup.

Thank you, Gemma for being you.

Now to pass on the award I would like to present to Carol Gillott The Spiritual Art Award for her blog site Paris Breakfasts. Carol says, “I live in New York but… I paint Paris dreams…..” Go have a mini vacation in Paris on your next coffee break with Carol.

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