Saturday, May 2, 2009


This was a great day. I worked in my garden till it got to sunny and then I painted while waiting for my next appointment. The Plumeria is just leafing out so I pushed the bloom season and painted on the flowers. I also added the impatience in the front boarder to convince the home owner that she would enjoy the look. I did another sketch that rejoiced the form of the branches, but it became about the plant and not the house. So I did this painting just about the house. Well, and the garden.


Lin said...

OH how GRAND GLORIOUS!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you do houses (and gardens), Pat ... they're not stiff and seem to fit right into the landscape! GORGEOUS work! BTW, I too own a bunch of b/w cats ... fun!

Claire M said...

This is a beautiful painting of your neighbor's house and yard. It makes me wish I could take a walk down the street to take a peek of it today -- wherever it is.... It just makes me want to look at it even more.

Cathy said...

Wow! This painting is stunning!!

Cathy said...

Is #185 the number of the house, or is it the number of neighbours' house you've painted...? (that's a lot of paintings and neighbours!!) ;-)