Thursday, April 30, 2009

When I took the photo I remember sitting on the side of the road thinking, "This wants to be a big painting." Well 9x15 inches isn't big, but it looks big.

I was cleaning and found a photo from a trip to Arizona and decided to tuck it in my sketch book. Yesterday was the day to wait for the doctor so I sketched this and then painted it. I know why doctors over book. It's so we can clean out our purses or get our sketching and painting done while waiting for them.
The bad news is I get more med’s, can't get over Bronchitis in a week I guess. The good thing is that when you are taking steroids you have more energy. I guess I will finish my veggie garden today.


Gemma Mortlock said...

So sorry to hear you are unwell, i wish you a speedy recovery!
Great painting and sketch, so life like.
I hope you feel better soon Pat.

P.S this should cheer you up, You have an award on my blog! please visit to check it out. Congratulations Pat.

Claire M said...

The painting is amazing. I've never been there, but I can sure imagine how it would look from the colors you've captured.

Now... I wish I could be as productive as you in Dr. offices (between my own appts and my mom's), but I just can't seem to make use of those snipets of time. I'm better if I can intentionally go to a coffee house - but that doesn't happen frequently enough.

Suzanne McDermott said...

I'm glad that you had to wait. These are fabulous. Thanks for coming by my blog - it's good to meet you. I'm leaving for a couple of weeks, teaching workshops in California. Wonder where you are. Well, see you again in the blogosphere.