Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paris Flower Shop

Flower Shop on Avenue de La Bourdonnais
Painting taken from Google map resource photo

Picture taken off of my computer screen.
I found something fun to do by visiting The Virtual Paintout Paris. You draw from Google map. Check it out. It's fun. I would much rather be there in person but I'm gardening this week and didn't have the time to fly to Paris to paint. Oh Well next time.


Katie Hatch said...

Great idea! Hey, I posted my baby bump for you ;-)

Claire M said...

This is such a great idea. You've really got some energy in getting this going. Your sketch is so appealing -- much more interesting than the photo. But, it is an interesting idea to use this resource on the web. I liked your post yesterday as well. Thanks for sharing the idea and the fantastic results!!

Laure Ferlita said...

Aren't you clever! Great idea and LOVE the painting!

BMoon said...

This is soooo great. Love this idea, too..... I think i'll have to join in the fun.

Lin said...

LOL Oh Pat! I LOVE how you've simplified this ....!!!! I too visited the virtual paint out site and got caught up just LOOKING at all the incredible street views ...!! I think you did an outstanding job here! LOVE the washerly look!

christine said...

Pat, I just love this painting! It is so whimsical and engaging!

And thank you for sharing the link to the Virtual Paintout. What a great resource!