Thursday, May 7, 2009

California Hills

These hills are off the 5 freeway near Mission Viejo/Irvine area. They are turning to the browns, ochre, grays and summer green. It was in the 80+ today (that's Fahrenheit). I was trying to get home from an appointment when the traffic became unbearable. So I pulled off and found these hills to paint. I didn’t want to stop painting but at some point you just have to go home. I didn't put any of my new painting books in my car so this is on that 60lb paper.


Cathy Gatland said...

A great way to avoid the traffic, Pat - this is so lovely - you've really caught the turning colours and the heat. In fact every time I come to visit here, there are a bunch more beautiful paintings to look at, you've been busy!

Laure Ferlita said...

Now that's dedication - or the need for sanity - at work! 60 lb paper?! And what a great use of rush hour!

Outstanding painting. Really love the atmosphere and distance you've captured!

Gemma Mortlock said...

Hi Pat,

I have just read your previous post from a few days ago!
Thank you so so much for such lovely praise, its really sweet of you and made me smile a lot! Im so glad i have helped you so much You really are so sweet
It's so nice to have a close companion on here, someone who you know you can ask for advice and share inspiration. That person is you Pat.
Thank you again
Have a great weekend

cardesin said...

some fantastic watercolors!
The pictures are spectacular.
a great blog!
muchos saludos

DEB said...

Lovely hills! I like your Paris flower shop, too! I am also painting a flower shop for the virtual paintout, albeit a different one.

karen said...

I love your style, Pat. I am Katie Hatch's mother, and she referred me to your blog. I work in Mission Viejo, so I'm familiar with the subject of your post. I would love to learn from you - watercolor is a medium I've always wanted to learn. But, alas, I work 9-5. If you see Katie when she's here in July I'd love to meet you.

Annaquarel.les said...

Nobody would believe you were near the road. What a lovely watercolour, Pat. I can't believe you used 60lb paper! Only talented artists can turn 60lb paper into a wonderful painting. Have a nice week!