Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardening Day.

Today is a gardening day. I started early to get more done before the sun forces me to head for the shade. I am making a little hideaway under my orange tree. Just big enough for a couple of chairs and some potted shade plants.

This is the path to my studio. I use the studio for many things but usually not for painting. I like to sit in front of my subject (landscape), under a shade tree and hear the birds and feel the wind on my face. I use the studio for classes, framing, and well other crafts that might pull me away from just sketching. The poppy is in the lower right corner.

My poppy finally bloomed. Isn't it wonderful. It's about 5 inches across.

Here is the first start of the Hydrangea. This gardening day is turning into a picture day.


Laure Ferlita said...

What incredible blooms! They're gorgeous!

Aleksandra said...

Ai,what a stunning beauty,I dream of garden like yours but Im making something on my balkony myself.It is blood,swett and tears but I injoy now the idea how Ill injoy in the summer.Greetings Sandra