Saturday, July 24, 2010


Table Top Condiments
Ink on paper
So often I sit somewhere like under a tree, or on a park bench or at a table waiting for my breakfast order to arrive and I pull out my ink pen and journal and get lost in a line drawing of anything. It’s so mesmerizing just to allow the form to materialize on the paper. No thought to thin and thick or light and dark or any other design rule. Just ink flowing out of the pen tracing a line of what I am looking at. Like an ant walking around the edges of what I see. To me it is the most calming thing I can do. Like a brain vacation. No vocabulary, no explanation, no critique just movement like a dance. It just feels good.


Robyn Sinclair said...

It's a wonder someone hasn't tried to bottle and sell that feeling, isn't it Pat. You are so right and it's a good reminder that it's the process as much as the subject that is rewarding. Too many times I don't even start because my imagination doesn't respond the the subject. Then I just feel disappointed that I didn't sketch anything.

Aleks said...

Great to hear and see the product of that Pat!!
And,one more thing,your link to my blog is outdated,I have new link,new blog,the name stayed!! May be you can change it?

Laure Ferlita said...

"No vocabulary, no explanation, no critique just movement like a dance. It just feels good."

That sounds.....wonderful! Thanks for the reminder to sometimes let go and do without the fuss and muss!

Unknown said...

Oh I can relate to that! And I'd say that you are quite an excellent dancer!

Byung Hwa Yoo said...

I agree with what you do with your pen meditatively for whatever you see like dancing. Love your drawings!