Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Computer ........ Can't afford them and live without them.

Well I had another computer hospitalization but she is back now and fully loaded so tomorrow I will be back at posting and try to post the sketches and paintings I have been working on for the last 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walking in the Fog

Spring is here and for California that means fog. I walked out the door and went right back in for my camera. Foggy walks are my favorite,

First I found this clover blossom. When I use my macro lens I have to wait to see what I captured when I get back to the computer. All of these pictures can be enlarged and I tried to make them as large as possible.
This is a Dandelion.  Enlarge this one to see all the little droplets.  Very Cool!

This one I gave a little boost with Photoshop.


Graphite on Journal

I have been working in my garden getting ready for the growing season. I have pruned for weeks now and still have not finished and the weeds are everywhere. I really don't mind weeding it just is never ending. I consider my yardening activity just like go to my local gym. I work in the garden for a few hours a day normally but during this part of the year the time is much more because there is so much prep in veggie gardening and getting those roses and fruit trees under control. My sketch for today is the sketch I work on when I just need to sit for a while to rest, hydrate and enjoy the wonderfully fertile soil that is now visible because I have pulled all those weeds out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brea Hills

Brea Hills
Graphite on journal

The snow is still visible from the trail that Ivy and I enjoy and so I took the time today to sketch the view. I notice the view is changing because a housing development has claimed the crest of one of these slopes. If they would have just dropped the houses down below the top of the hill there would still have been a view and would not have ruined the visual impact of these hills. Ah money, that's what its all about. If a community sets its standards around money I find esthetics suffers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Light blue Iris

Graphite in journal

This is a new Iris in my garden. My friend Lillian and I splurged last year and purchase a few new colors to add to our gardens on the plan that when they multiplied we would share with each other doubling our plants. Lillian.... are yours blooming yet?  This one is the most lovely shade of very light blue and about 30 inches tall.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A View of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Ink on handmade paper journal

It rained yesterday and when it rains the sky is clean and clear for a few hours. Today, from a walking trail in the hills I could see Los Angeles, about 40 miles away, very clearly. I always forget that I live in a basin surrounded by mountains and hills because you usually can't see them because of smog and air density.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010


First Iris of the Season
Watercolor, ink

It's happening! Everything is starting to bloom and leaf out like apple and pear blossoms, veggies like tomatoes, squash and potatoes and of course daffodils and iris and weeds. Oh ya, and nasturtiums everywhere. I made my salad with the flowers from my nasturtiums today and the lovely fresh radish taste just was delightful. OK everyone out there where winter is still at your door step…..spring is coming.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rainy Day Flower Box

Window Flower Box
Watercolor on handmade paper

I went out early to do my walking with Ivy and to capture a sketch so I could participate in the Skethercise group I belong to. I had sketched this last week but didn’t paint it because it was raining. I painted it when I got home from my walk

Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is a portrait of someone who didn't know I was sketching her.  Meetings are wonderful for this kind of thing.  Everyone is traped...... some listen some drift away in thought and some make shopping lists or sketch.  I think she was on a mind vacation. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Walking Trail

Hiltcher Trail
Watercolor on Yupo

It was supposed to rain today but I gave it a chance and even thought the clouds dance with the sun creating these wonderful shadows and bright spots of sun I was able to walk, paint and get home before the clouds opened.