Thursday, February 24, 2011

Washington Naval Orange

Winter Orange
Watercolor/ink on paper
While working in my garden I often stop to rest and sketch.  These oranges caught my attention until I cooled down enough to want to prune more roses.  The winter oranges are so big and heavy this year they are falling off the tree early.  There hasn't been enough sun for the sugar to have developed in the fruit but they are still good and juicy.


Alison Staite said...

Lovely colours Pat! It's hard to believe you can grow oranges in your garden at this time of year! London has been very drab this winter - i envy you with your climate!

jane minter said...

pat lovely simple sketch .. i'm buying boxes of sicilian oranges here lucky you are to have them in your garden .. your granddaughter lindsay is very talented must be wonderful to paint together.

Catherine said...

This is so lovely, and fresh! They look ripe and lush and delicate at the same time!

Sadeu said...

the composition is very beautiful