Sunday, February 20, 2011

Postcard from my walk

Brookdale Street, Fullerton California
Ink and Watercolor on Paper (5in x 7in)
I have been participating in a postcard exchange with my friends over at Sketchercise.  You can check out the blog at A Postcard from My Walk. This little painting was one that I did for the exchange but will not be sent because it has a ragged corner where the stamp goes and I was afraid it would continue to rip and not get to its destination. It took a while to get used to painting this small but now that I am carrying around just a stack of postcards instead of larger journals or papers I am getting lazy. Everything fits right into my pocket and is very light. Ivy (my greyhound) and I sometimes walk for hours and the lightness of the pack is important.


Desiree said...

Beautiful! I am doing the same, precut the cards. I haven't sent one without an envelope, what weight paper are you using?

Claire M said...

This is lovely. I can just about feel the warmth of the sun and I love the shadows.

martinealison said...

Belle lumière sue cette adorable peinture... Bisous

Felicity said...

This is fabulous - I feel sorry for whoever missed out on it!

Annaquarel.les said...

This is beautiful, Pat. Just as I imagine you having a stroll with your dog in the early morning. Take care. Hugs