Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Painted Dish

Painted Dish
Glaze on ceramic

I tried something new and painted with glaze on a ceramic dish last week. It was fun and different. What do you think?  It is micro and oven safe.  I think I need a service for four.


Felicity said...

What a brilliant idea Pat! This is beautiful! Oh, and don't forget Ivy will need bowls to match! ;)

cabap said...

good job Pat,
jan :)

Lin said...

aBSOLUTELY GLORIOUS, PAT!! I love how you've used colors and contrast for this beautiful work!

EH said...

Hello Pat,
this is a beautiful plate, just stunning! The colors look fabulous.

martinealison said...

je me suis autorisée une balade à travers votre blog. je trouve vos peintures et vos dessins intéressants.
Moi qui adore les arbres, celui-ci est magnifique.
Je reviendrai vous voir...