Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last Roses of Summer

This is Missy finding my bouquet of the last roses of summer.

She is my drain pipe kitty. When she was just a kitten born to a feral mother she was captured and adopted into my household. She was hiding in a drain pipe but only her head fit and her little body was quite visible so I picked up her tiny spitting hissing self and took her home. I should have know at that time that she was possibly slow in the comprehension department with our first encounter.  Later I was assured by her various actions that she was indeed possessed with short term memory problems like Dora in Finding Nemo.

This is a photograph of the bouquet I gathered from one of my favorite rose bushes. .

Missy has had the opportunity of finding these flowers over and over again all this morning

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Laure Ferlita said...

Love that pink glow cast on her face in the first photo! And I'd say there's an upside to everything if you get to keep discovering beautiful roses all day long!