Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Adventures of the Meandering Molskin

Well I have finally joined with 4 others to paint in a Japanese fold-out Molskine.

It is surprising; something so small can cause such stress. I am also surprised that this is something that I initiated. I had put it off because I thought it would be too hard, or stressful, or I’m not good enough or who would want to be in my book and all that other stuff that runs through an artist’s mind when they first look at a clean white piece of paper or canvas and realized they aren’t an artist after all.

Then I just thought I can make myself scrub a toilet or clean up after a baby or a husband for that matter. I should be able to make myself do something I like.


I started by asking Gemma @ http://www.sandyfloorboards.blogspot.com/ and Anna @ http://www.annaquarelles.blogspot.com/ If they would be interested.  They both stepped up as the friends that they are and said anytime anywhere. I asked them both to invite one person. Gemma brought Kim @ http://yarrow-retreat.blogspot.com/  and Anna asked Dolors @ http://www.dolorsbarberan.es/ . Gemma helped me with the name because she is a famous poet and writer.

Now with everyone on board the new blog site is up and running. http://www.theadventuresofameanderingmoleskin.blogspot.com/ 

We begin in October by finding a theme for our book, paint our first 6 pages and then send our treasures on to the next person.
So exciting!!!!!!
You can all follow along if you would like. Just follow the blog site and enjoy. I will.


Charlene Brown said...

I've checked out the blogs of your collaborators, Pat... This is going to be terrific!

Robyn said...

Not to put any more pressure on, Pat but I'm following already ;)

Reminds me of the strange mix of stress and delight that accompanied our Flying Picture sketchbooks around the the world. You are going to have a wonderful time.

Laure Ferlita said...


You are a brave soul! The white of the page doesn't get me so much as the painting in other people's books!

Good for you, for your bravery, and for your creativity! i'l definitely be watching!!!

Cathy said...

Pat I'm so excited for you!!!!!! I have enjoyed our sharing of moleskine sketchbooks immensely, and some of them are close to being complete now! It is indeed a little scary before you put the first stroke, but I've enjoyed painting, sending and receiving the sketchbooks a lot!! I'm sure going to follow your experience!!!!

Gemma Mortlock said...

Hi Pat
Guess what i have just read this post, i didn't know that you wrote this! Thank you for calling me famous poet and artist, i wish! is all i can say but hey you can keep dreaming. Your very sweet Pat and if it wern't for you none of us would be participating in such a great exciting adventure!!!