Sunday, August 16, 2009

Restaurant Dinning

I had another concrete leaf class yesterday. I set up tables on my driveway because there is plenty of shade in the morning. I will be able to turn them over and photograph them tomorrow. Can't wait!

I had the opportunity to go out with my family to a great restaurant last night. It is called Amazon Churrascaria and has an interesting way of serving the entree. The wait staff brings a skewer of meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, alligator, turkey, rabbit, etc) to the table so the diner can choose the portion size. The waiter continues bringing selections and choices until they are told to stop. There is plenty of time for talking and sketching. I also got to sit next to my grandson and we sketch together. I have posted our sketches above. He is a great artist and he loves to create visual art like I do.

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Cathy Gatland said...

An interesting restaurant indeed - alligator on the menu! There are a couple of places that serve crocodile here - a bit like slippery chicken if I remember my long-ago taste of it.
It's great to see the two versions of the table, I can see that your grandson is extremely talented, just like his Gran! What a lovely thing to do together.