Friday, August 14, 2009

Brea California

I was sitting in a CoCo’s restaurant eating breakfast and I looked out the window and saw this beautiful view. I have taken out the bank and other buildings because I wanted to see the land without buildings. I could see the distant hills that have been graded and readied for new home construction. At some point there will be houses and no open land. As artists we have the opportunity of changing the landscape as we see it. Some days I record every telephone pole, garage sale signs and trash can. Today I wanted to see the land as it might have been 60 years ago. Of course I would not be eating pancakes with fresh peaches and having someone fill my coffee up and comment on my painting.


bh yoo said...

Really beautiful colors and scenery! By deleting the buildings we could appreciate the scene enough. Great landscape!

cabap said...

amazing colors Pat !!!!!!!!!
great work !!!!!
jan :)

Claire M said...

Beautiful composition - so peaceful. Great reminder that we can be selective and creative.

Lin said...

WONDERFUL, Imaginative and filled with that soft color and wets that I love about your work!