Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here is the palette you have asked me about. It is small and I cleaned it up a little. I have others but this is the one I usually use.

These are the last few days of paintings and drawings. It is finally spring with cool mornings and clear warm evenings. It's light longer and when I get up in the morning it is still dark. I love seeing the sun rise. The light is different and always surprises me. I have been getting ready for the summer.
Sunrise is always an inchanting time for me. I have sketched this hill many times. It changes from morning, afternoon, evening, summer, spring, winter and fall.

Breakfast at Panera, coffe and a egg sandwich. Time to sketch and time to watch people.

While waiting for school to get out I sketched this side mirror view of the car behind me.


Cathy Gatland said...

Hello Pat - there's an award or two to pick up on my blog - I really enjoy your watercolours and drawings.

BMoon said...

I always get excited when i see palettes whether drawn or photographic. It is such fun to see what other palettes we artist's use.

You sure can draw!!!! love your blog.

Katie Hatch said...

You've been busy :) You're right, where have I been? LOL

Sandy said...

Lovely work, I like your splashy style.