Friday, April 23, 2010

Washington Navel Orange

Washington Navel Orange
Ink on handmade paper Journal

I love my little orange tree. I planted it when the children were little (they are in their 40's now) so that we could have fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Well of course they are not around very often now but I still am enjoying my fresh squeezed orange juice every morning. I have 21 oranges left for this season. I only use the fallen ones so that they last longer and of course get sweeter. I have pruned it smaller now, only 6 feet high so I can take care of the tree without getting on a latter. I cut my apple back this year for the same reason. The apples will take care of my fruit needs till well after fall and of course all the veggies are coming along fine. I have already been eating tomatoes while I have been weeding.


ALeks said...

Simply beautiful! : )

Marthann's Musings said...

Love the orange tree drawing. Thanks again for you lovely email.
Keep up the fantastic work you do.

Claire M said...

Very nice sketch or the orange. It was also interesting to hear about your history with the orange tree and fresh orange juice. You just can beat "fresh squeezed"!