Monday, March 8, 2010

A View of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Ink on handmade paper journal

It rained yesterday and when it rains the sky is clean and clear for a few hours. Today, from a walking trail in the hills I could see Los Angeles, about 40 miles away, very clearly. I always forget that I live in a basin surrounded by mountains and hills because you usually can't see them because of smog and air density.  


lara said...

Very nice drawing, fog´s fog, don´t bother.
Colored kisses

Gemma Mortlock said...

Hey lovely how are you?? I hear you have recieved my letter? so glad you like it he he. I hope both you and Ivy are well? and i love this sketch so fluid and simple, you're so clever. big big hugs Gem

Robyn said...

Wonderful landscape, Pat - even though it's a modern city it has such a timeless quality.

SKIZO said...