Monday, February 22, 2010


This is the stuff we can't do without. I remember when I didn't take a cell phone with me, when I didn't have an alarm on my car, when I didn't have to have a pager on me at all times and when I only had a house key and a car key on my key chain. Not anymore. For any of you that have sat next to me in a meeting then you know that I will draw anything. So don't put your keys down, or your glasses or your coffee cup because you will not be able to touch it until I am through with my sketch. Because it is all about me!


lara said...

Fantastic Blog. I´ll be back slowly
Colored Kisses

Gemma Mortlock said...

Ha ha this is a great post, made me smile a lot. I'll just remember if we ever get to meet that i will make sure i hide anything when i put it down incase my cappaccino can't be moved and it ends up getting cold! he he thanks for making me smile this morning :D Big Hugs xxxxxxx

Karen Blados said...

LOL! I have my friends and family trained ... It's the strangers I'm still having trouble with.