Sunday, November 15, 2009


The Huntington Library and Gardens is located in San Marino California. The property was purchased in 1903 and the grounds were designed and planted with acquired specimens (both mature and seedlings) from all over the world. Some of the trees appear to be around 100 years old. It isn't very often that I can see a tree that has not been 'trimmed' to fit in the location where someone has planted it. This beautiful oak is very special.  The bamboo grove in the background has specimens that appear to be over 50 feet tall.

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Cathy Gatland said...

Fabulous trees Pat - I so admire your ability to fit those giants onto your page, as I can never do, and the leafy volume you give them with just a few pen strokes. I've been meaning to look up Huntingdon Gardens, it sounds wonderful - our Emmarentia botanical gardens were planted with a huge variety of foreign trees too, but are still quite young.