Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poor Puppy

Well this photo is going to take a little explaining.

Sunday a friend stopped by to show me her honey bees that she had in a glass display box with 'the works' honey comb, bees and very loud buzzing. Well, Ivy is a rescue Greyhound and I have to assume that her first 5 years (while spending her time in her crate) her favorite thing was to catch flies. When she came to live at her forever home (my house) she found that I had flies that would bite back. BEES! In fact the only time she has ever barked was on the occasion that she finds a bee. When the bee box was brought in and Ivy could see them bustling about inside and she heard the very loud bee sound coming from the vicinity of the box, she became very distressed, curious but distressed.

Ok the picture came later after everyone including the bees had left. Ivy just needed some comfort as we would all have needed after a particularly difficult and stressful day. She went outside and got her big juicy, greasy fresh bone and wanted to bring it inside (not allowed). You can see by her pleading eyes that she fully expected to be let in with that bloody bone. Look at those eyes. I went out and sat with her, for a while, so she could feel the comfort of sitting with a friend and having a gnaw on something gooey.

We all have ways of self soothing and I certainly am one for gnawing on something gooey after a stressful day.


Leks said...

Gnhaaa,ha,I do the same,:O)!
She is too cute.Cheers darling,xxx A.

Laure Ferlita said...

LOL! Count me in for a good gnaw every once in a while on something gooey!!! What a face!

Claire M said...

Priceless photo and cute story too. (I have a soft spot for these dogs as my oldest has one -- although i haven't met it yet).

Robyn said...

In New Zealand I've heard the term Box of Bees used to describe someone feeling on top of the world. Personally I'm with Ivy, seeking a safe place to hide and something gooey for comfort. And what greater comfort than to know one has a Forever Home.

Gorgeous girl she is.

Brenda Yarborough said...

LOVE this picture!! Ivy is a beauty -- I'm so glad she has such a wonderful "forever home!" I adore dogs and love it that people can rescue this magnificent breed.