Saturday, October 17, 2009


I attended the Art Expo in Pasadena, Califronia, this afternoon, expressly to find a fountain pen that would be refillable, resist drying out or clogging when I sketch out in nature and was reasonably priced. Well, I found it is a Lamy with a refill adapter and it’s wonderful. The nib is not too thick, soft and flowing on any paper and the ink is water proof so I can watercolor wash over it.

The ink is India Black with No-Shellac so it won't clog the pen.

I was also able to replenish my palette and got some disposable drawing pens. I am posting the test results of the colors and disposable pens. I should be good for awhile.

I also found a small flat brush for my paint box.  Very cute!!!


Claire M said...

These sound very interesting.... any hints on where to order them?

dominique eichi said...

thanks for the information . what was the cost of the pen ? and I did not hear of this fair can you give me the link to it ?

Cathy Gatland said...

Mmm, lovely new art stuff Pat - I've got a Lamy (well it's my son's old one) - I wonder if I can fit a refill adapter to it?

Laure Ferlita said...

Aren't new art toys just the best!!! I went by the art store yesterday and pick up a couple of things, but haven't had the chance to play yet.

What kind of Lamy is the pen? I've heard good things about them and Noodler's ink.

Robyn said...

Pat - As I said elsewhere I approve the pen and love the new flat brush. Also just noticed that Warm Sepia - very nice indeed.