Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today was the 24th Annual Sketchcrawl. I met with Paul, John, Nikol and Marguerite in front of the Balboa Pavilion. Paul was the one that set it up on the Sketchcrawl site. This is the first time I have met with anyone from the web site and sketched. I know there is a huge population of artists in Orange County so I will continue talking it up and by next Sketchcrawl maybe there will be even more.

The day started with this view of Balboa Island. In the background the tall buildings are Newport Fashion Island on the main land. An adolescent pelican flew in, landing about 9 feet from me and began posing like he was trying out for the next Top Model program. I sketched furiously until he became bored and flew away.

This next sketch is the Main Street facing east toward the Balboa Pavilion. Years ago when I would bring the kids here there were trees lining the street and now they have all been removed. The trees reputedly were messy, hid the signage and they ruined the street and sidewalks. They were also beautiful, cooling and picturesque.
If you have read this far you deserve an explanation as to why I haven't posted for a while. My computer has been acting up and moving so slowly I could do house work in between applications. Just to let you know I don’t like house work. Then to top it off my Internet connection had gone screwy at the same time. So when I tried to fix one the other would foul the fix program. Well you get the idea. I will be catching up with the postings that were missed because even though I was unable to post I continued to walk Ivy, sketch and paint every day. The walking is for my body and my doctor and the painting and sketching is for my soul.


Robyn said...

Your pencil work always thrills me, Pat makes me remember why I wanted to learn to draw. I particularly love your beautiful pelican.

bh yoo said...

Every pencil work is elaborate too though your watercolor works are vivid and beautiful. Enjoyed everytime.