Monday, August 31, 2009

Los Angeles County

The fire season is here and although it is early it seems we have this every year. Some place some where there will be fires in September. The weather is just right for it. Rain in the winter gives all the plants time to green up and grow. Then no rain for months, temps in the 100's, the hills turn brown and dry and then somehow, someone, something causes a spark and we have fires. This is a view from my side of the hill. It looked like a big white fluffy cloud at the top and when the sun started to set it changed the base to an orange glowing base with brown, grays..... well I had to paint it.


Laure Ferlita said...

I could not decide if it was a cloud or a beach wave when I saw the thumbnail - stay safe!

bh yoo said...

Oh, this drawing reminds me of Turner! Great!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

This is really great watercolour Pat - one that needs featuring on "who's made a mark this week?"!

dominique eichi said...

Congratulation on being on Katherine Tyrrell blog
" Who's made a mark this week " She has a lot of followers

Lin said...

SO GLAD to know you are okay with all these fires! Wonderful depiction, Pat -- and I love the pencil sketch of the house --- really fine toning!!! I know about the spring rains and summer high heats and droughts -- we too worry all the time about sparks ... I sure wish rain would even itself out for distribution throughout the seasons! LOVE your work, Pat ... and your plein air spirit!