Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dana Point

This is a rock off the Dana Point cove. I spent the day painting and sketching the waves breaking into the cove. After the sun moved past the cliffs I moved my chair to get a good view of this rock and the pelicans.

Close up.

Everytime I pull out my camera and set art work to be photographed, Sam comes over to see what I am doing. It makes it difficult to take pictures.


cabap said...

Very nice watercolorpainting Pat !!!!

Cherilynn Wood Fine Art said...

My dog used to do the same thing when I photographed something, but he would drop his toy right on it! Have to love there tact.

cardesin said...

A good watercolor!
And very funny picture with the cat! What a wonderful animal!
Good weekend!

Aleksa said...

But Im more beautiful and interesting than that darn painting,prrrrrrr,dont you know that by now?
Hi Pat,Beautiful Sam,brilliant painting and drawings,hug and miauw!:O)