Saturday, June 13, 2009


The light was making long shadows on the stepping stones where I had set my bottle of water so I took up my garden journal sketchbook and did a quick pencil sketch.

I have been gardening constantly, both in other people’s gardens and my own. When I finally find my chair and some shade with an ice cold water bottle in my hand I think that I am finished, through, I will never work again. But after sitting for awhile I start to see that just one more thing needs to be done and then just one more thing and then another. I think without my water bottle and a little sit I wouldn't get anything done.

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Claire M said...

What a wonderful, simple little reflection -- that is easy for me to relate to. I love to be in my garden as well, and I know all to well the pull of 'just one more thing'!! The image of the water bottle is cool.