Sunday, June 7, 2009


Food was on the top of the list for all.

Yesterday was the Greyhound Picnic. Since Ivy is a greyhound I went and had a great time. It is a different experience to see 100's of people with 100's of greyhounds all in the same park.

Some people had more than 3 dogs; there were dogs for adoption and dogs with broken legs and dogs with grey noses from age and more. I got a new leash and collar for Ivy. She is styling now.


cardesin said...

Fantastic post!
The pictures very good, I like
Un saludo

dominique eichi said...

beautiful sketches

Cathy Gatland said...

What beautiful drawings Pat!
I'm so glad you're going to be sketchercising too - I look forward to seeing the results. (A stone is 14 pounds I believe - about 7 kilos. I'm hoping to lose one or two of those!)

Aleksa said...

Hi Pat I love your sketches and that beauty piping out of the corner of the first photo,whats her(or his,sorry)name? Greetings Sandra

EH said...

I love your pencil drawings !

Katie Hatch said...

I loved hearing about this fun little doggie picnic!

Hur,Kook Joong said...

I love all of your pecil drawing.Feel like dreaming.

Hur,Kook Joong said...

I love all of your pencil drawings.Feel like dreaming!