Monday, June 22, 2009


This is my front yard. I have been removing more and more lawn over the last few years and finally removed the last part at the end of winter.

I dumped all of my compost in one corner, put in a veggie garden and planted anything that was growing from my wormery. The wormery is a box with earth warms in it that receives my entire kitchen green garden waste like peels, seeds, spoiled fruit or veggies, potato peelings etc. A neighbor contributed a Halloween pumpkin and the seeds started to grow so I put them out in the front yard. The result is this huge mass of green. I have potatoes, tomatoes (looks like all kinds), squash, pumpkin, watermelon, and some stuff I don’t recognize. I have posted some of the squash on an earlier post. I guess when the bees pollinate the flower the seed can be a mix of anything in the area. This pumpkin has become very big and the plant is now growing through the rose arch and onto the sidewalk.
This pumpkin is the exact same color as the squash blossoms.


mongoose1 said...

Gorgeous garden Pat!

Claire M said...

It all sounds so exciting and it is fun to see the pictures. You have quite a green thumb!

Aleksa said...

Wouweeeee,love it very much!It is a juwel of a garden,good day to you :O)

cabap said...

great Garden Pat,
an inspiration for artists,

Laure Ferlita said...

I see a lot of hard work coming to fruition! And what fun! Love the pumpkin/squash - will you eat it or is it just ornamental?

Katie Hatch said...

I wish I had your garden! Can't believe I leave for CA Wed! I sent our Mia's birthday invitation the other day so be looking out for it :)