Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dana Point, California

It is so relaxing to sit and paint while feeling the wind, hearing the waves and the laughter of children playing in the water, the fog horn and the smell of ocean all this while I am trying to get the waves right.

When pelicans fly over their shadows follow them along the sand and over the rocks.


Cathy said...

I'd love to sit next to you and paint!! It seems to be such a beautiful spot!!!!!
I love your pelicans and their shadows!!

Laure Ferlita said...

Your image of Dana Point is gorgeous - I can almost taste the salt in the air!

I am really intrigued by your sketch of the pelicans and their shadows! Love the creativity and openness of this piece.

Katie Hatch said...

I love the way you described the beach while you were painting. I felt like I could feel the breeze and hear the children laughing myself. Beautiful painting!

Robyn said...

Magical sketch, Pat. I miss pelicans very much where I live.

EH said...

These pelicans are great ! It must have been a perfect day.