Sunday, May 3, 2009

To commemorate my 1000th visitor, I think it was Lin over at View From The Oaks, I would like to do something special. I don’t know what, so I will garden for awhile.

I have planted way too much but when you have something growing in the compost pile, or wormery, (my English friend calls my worm box a wormery) I just have to plant it. I will deal with the extras later.

Here are some sketches in my gardening diary for keeping track of the weather, what I have planted, seed start dates, what’s growing, when it fruits or blooms etc…. You know, nothing is as it was 5 or 10 years ago. Nothing is blooming like it should, or fruiting. The weather is just too screwy. I have an apple tree that has dormant branches, new growth, blossoms and fruit, both old and new. This poor guy is just trying to do it all.

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Claire M said...

These are wonderful pages recording stages in your gardening journey. I like how you have used different shades of green - that is a challenge for me. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog today. ;-)