Friday, May 15, 2009

Doctor's Office Magazines

I am in another doctor's appointment and another day of waiting.

There are always so many out-of-date magazines. It was fun to sketch them rather then read them.

This is the view from my new patio. I am actually looking down my neighbor’s driveway. As long as his car is not parked in the driveway I have a great view.


Cathy said...

I love these sketches! Even though they ar in black and white, I actually get the impression I can see all the shades in the trees and bushes and the sun light! It's brilliant!!
... and what a great idea to sketch these magazines!! I've never thought of it - I usually some papers to mark!!

Aleksandra said...

Nice sketches!Hope you are better with health,and beeing good to your self as I am.Have a great weekend,Sandra.

Katie Hatch said...

I LOVE the sketches of the magazines! I've had many days of waiting here in PR...wish I could draw!

Hur,Kook Joong said...

i love all of your sketches.