Friday, April 24, 2009


I have seen this house change over the years. One of the interesting things that changed was the front yard. At first it was a rose garden with a walkway. When the owner wanted to sell they removed the rose garden and put in grass. When the new owners moved in they removed the grass and put in a larger driveway and put concrete everywhere. The next owners took out the large driveway and the concrete and put in a rose garden exactly where the rose garden was years before. So when I sketched the front yard I changed it, too. I moved the rose garden to conceal the driveway and put planters of flowers surrounding the grass area. I figure the lavender would need less water out at the street edge and the flowering plants could be up close to the house.


Claire M said...

Beautiful painting and wonderful story and history to go with it. It really adds to the experience to have the tidbits about the history. I like how you've used your creative license!!

bh yoo said...

Your watercolor is very beautiful as much as the house. To know a new friend painter is great happiness in life. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors and your line work in this sketch. It's so free and loose and yet accurately drawn and warm and inviting.